WP Rig V2.2.1 release


We have update a couple of the NPM dependencies for WP Rig as well as made some effort into slightly improving accessibility. Also put in a fix that caused php to throw an error that it was looking for a custom.js file that wasn’t there, if you have been working from the 2.2.0 release I suggest you either update or remove the code from Inc/Scripts/Component.php

        'wp-rig-custom' => array(
            'file'    => 'custom.min.js',
            'loading' => 'defer',
            'global'  => false,

Changelog – 2.2.1

  • Extended config file to add the ability to modify author name, author url, theme description and version for production. Props @dthenley
  • Bumps ajv from 6.10.2 to 6.12.3.
  • Bumps handlebars from 4.7.6 to 4.7.7.
  • Change Sidebar screen reader text. see #761
  • Update blocks css to use grid css
  • Added ‘deps’ to css files array Props @Spleeding1
  • Removed call for custom.min.js from the Scripts/Component.php file. Was throwing an error before.

We are looking to hold meetings every month on the first Sunday of the month. Our current time is at 11 am central, but dates and time can change if more people want to attend but it doesn’t fit with their schedule. On that note we are looking for more maintainers so if you are looking to help us grow this project please reach out to us on Github or join our slack. We are planning on putting out the agenda before the next meeting so that those that would like to participate can.

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