WP Rig V2.3.1 release


Thanks to the WordPress Coding Standards folks updating WPCS to V3, we have upgraded that dependency in WP Rig so now PHPCS gives you more updated coding standards straight from the WordPress team.

We noticed some significant room for improvement in the default mobile menu experience, so we decided to upgrade that. The default mobile menu now properly supports accordion style expand/collapse functionality for sub menus.

Furthermore, we have taken some significant time and consideration into make WP Rig as easy as possible to convert to a Universal theme (unlocking block-based features like full site editing). The revamped mobile menu now also works with the Gutenberg Navigation block. So menus built with the navigation block offer a very similar experience to the standard main navigation, but be sure to double check all settings at the block level for expected layout and functionality. Depending on how you layout your header, you will need to tweak the CSS for the navigation to ensure a good UX.

We have had a video on our YouTube channel showing you how to convert WP Rig to a universal theme, however, we wanted to take it one step further. We have now included a node script that can be run via the command line to execute all of the steps outlined in the video with one command:

        npm run editor-support

Please note that once you have run this script, you will need to create/edit your index page template in the Site Editor to see your website. Currently, the script inserts a completely blank index file, so be aware of that. The index page template overrides the default index.php. All other page templates should work accordingly. We recommend building your header and footer as template parts (synced block patterns), then just using the Content block in between.

Changelog – 2.3.1

  • Updated WPCS to V3. Props @robruiz
  • Improvements to mobile navigation, primarily collapsible sub-menus, including consideration for Gutenberg navigation block. Props @robruiz
  • Improvements to header layout. Props @robruiz
  • Added FSE Conversion NPM script. Props @robruiz
  • Updated all dependencies. Props @robruiz
  • Added onload attribute to preload styles. Props @robruiz
  • Updated navigation CSS to prevent blocking of content when mobile menu is toggled off and to have smooth transition from toggle-on toggled-off states. Props @Spleeding1

Monthly Contributor meetings are no longer being help, however, our Slack workspace is still up and running and you are welcome to jump in there and ping anyone.

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