WP Rig June 5, 2022 Meeting Agenda

We are looking to hold meetings every month on the first Sunday of the month. Our current time is at 11 am central, but dates and time can change if more people want to attend but it doesn’t fit with their schedule. On that note we are looking for more maintainers so if you are looking to help us grow this project please reach out to us on Github or join our slack. We are planning on putting out the agenda before the next meeting so that those that would like to participate can.

WP RIG Development

Meeting Notes 06/05

06 JUNE 2022 / 11:00 AM CENTRAL 


Rob Ruiz, Donte Henley, Sue Baily Weaver


Create a Showcase Page

  • Talked of salvaging the already created(but not public) showcasing page that we currently have to show of examples of WP Rig being used in projects.
  • Talked best way of implementing the page, be it a static page or an index page that pulls from custom post type.
  • Talked of creating a form where users can submit their example and it auto generates a draft post to be reviewed and published on the site.


  • Maintainer Meetings now scheduled for the first Sunday of the month at 11:00 am Central. 


  1. Next Build: Donte would like to get a new version pushed out in the next week and then have it sent out to the community through social media.  


July 3, 2022 at 11:00 am CENTRAL.

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