Get a fresh copy of WP Rig

Every time you start a new project with WP Rig, you should get a fresh copy from the WP Rig GitHub repository. That way you get all the latest features and you have a clean slate to work from.

Go to and from here you can either clone the repo into your dev environment, or download a zip archive by clicking these buttons:

To get this to work in your dev environment, navigate to the WordPress install on your computer, then go to wp-content, Themes, and copy the wprig folder into it.

Now if you’ve worked with starter themes in the past or even an earlier version of WP Rig, you’ll feel inclined to change the folder name here from wprig to something else.

Don’t do that, because once you have WP Rig installed and you’ve built out the theme you want, you can export it into a folder with whatever name you choose.

So you don’t set the name of the theme now. You set the name of the theme at the end of the process. That way you can spin up many different themes from the same kit.

For now, we just need to get the WP Rig folder into the Themes folder to get things to work.

Once that’s done, you can go and open your code editor, go to File and open the folder, and then navigate to the local WordPress installation, wp-content, Themes, and wprig, and select that folder as your project folder.


It’s recommended to get a fresh copy of wprig from the GitHub repo each time you start a new project. That way you get all the latest features and you have a clean slate to work from.


  1. Download or clone files
  2. Navigate to your WordPress install > wp-content > themes
  3. Copy WP Rig folder to theme folder (keep “wprig” as the folder name)
  4. Open code editor > File > Navigate to WordPress install > wp-content > themes > wprig
  5. Set wprig as project folder.

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