Contribute to WP Rig

Once you start using WP Rig to develop your own themes, you may have questions, comments, suggestions and feature requests. You may even want to add or change something in WP Rig itself. In that case, there‚Äôs good news: WP Rig is open for contributions! 

The purpose of WP Rig is to give the WordPress community a robust theme development rig to build modern, progressive, performant themes. That is only possible with the contribution of people like you. 

Consider this your invitation to contribute back to the project in whatever way you want by: 

  • Filing or answering issues on the Github repo.
  • Writing documentation, tutorials or blog posts for the official site, or any other site.
  • Making video tutorials.
  • Doing conference talks, or in-person workshops.
  • Using WP Rig, and showing it off in the footer of your theme.

Whatever you like, WP Rig is your tool! It’s built by and for the people who use it, like you, and you can play a part in its future. 

Contributors welcome!

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